POS UI Case Study

POS Interface

UX/UI Case Study

Project Overview

In this exercise I worked with a product team to develop a Figma mockup of a Point of Sale checkout screen in under an hour. The design began with a series of rapid whiteboard prototypes taking inspiration from the Amazon checkout flow. I ended up going with a design that reflects the spreadsheet setup that is industry standard, incorporating some of the elements of my initial designs.

One of the design stipulations was to make the entire interface usable entirely through keyboard input for power users, as well as mouse for newer users. To accomplish this, I simplified the design to be mostly vertical and comprised of forms and spreadsheet cells that can be entirely navigated using the Tab and arrow keys.

The important Checkout and Cancel commands can be triggered using keyboard commands as well as clicking on their respective buttons. I opted for a sleek, simple design to make this system easy to learn for users switching from an older checkout system.