Frost Posters

Frost Music and Arts Festival

Graphic Design

Project Background

For Stanford University’s 2020 Frost Music and Arts Festival, I applied for the graphic designer role. This position encompasses the creation of marketing materials and branding for Stanford’s largest musical event. Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted plans for the festival and my poster designs never came to print.

Nevertheless, these pitch materials stand as a thorough exercise in 2D/3D graphic design and I’m proud of how they turned out. Below, you can see my pitches for the poster design and additional branding materials.

Pitch 1

Design problem: Modernize branding while retaining visual legacy

With this first design, I wanted to stay true to the psychedelic, 60’s feel of Frost’s original logo while giving it a modern twist. I decided to use a lava lamp as the central motif, giving the design a retro feel that complements its polished and glossy aesthetic. I modeled and rendered the lava blobs in Blender and finalized the poster in Photoshop.

Pitch 1 initial design

With this initial design I was experimenting with my visualization of the lava lamp design. Some things that I attempted to improve for the finalized version were increasing contrast between elements and making the “Frost” title less abstract and more readable.

Pitch 2

Design problem: Translate 2D iconography into the 3D era

In my second take on the Frost poster, I knew that I wanted to emphasize the 3D element of the design to distinguish it from previous years’ posters, which were all rendered in 2D. The objects in the periphery are 3D models with flat shading which contrast with the blocky “Frost” title, which stands out with an added layer of depth receding into the background.

Pitch 2 alternate design