Being App

In collaboration with Rashaad Newsome Studio, I am working on the development of the Being App project, an AI designed to mitigate trauma stemming from daily, verbal, behavioral, or environmental racial indignities. The project is currently in development, and you can find more information about it here.


In collaboration with Pop Gun Art, I installed a web-based digital gallery exhibition for GTA V, one of the first major VR gallery exhibitions of NFTs. GTA V is a virtual gallery created in Unity and hosted on the web using WebGL featuring the work of Los Angeles-based visual artist Simon Bermeo-Ehmann. To view the… Continue reading GTA V

Bird Photography

When I am out and about I am sometimes lucky enough to snap some cool photographs of birds. Here are some ones that I like:

Digital Illustration

In my free time I create illustrations in Procreate. Here are some examples of my recent output.

Frost Posters

For the Stanford University 2020 Frost Music Festival that was cancelled due to COVID-19, I submitted three poster designs and accompanying branding. My favorite of the three is the lava lamp-themed one to the right. It was a fun challenge learning how to recreate the glowing, viscous texture of lava lamp blobs in Blender.

Wall Drawing #911

As part of an internship for Stanford Health Care, I and three other painters spent 24 days executing a Sol LeWitt mural for the new Stanford Hospital. With just a set of instructions to guide us, we measured, drew, taped and painted on the third floor wall overlooking the atrium of the hospital. You can… Continue reading Wall Drawing #911